Sleep Apnea Testing

By Pinnacle Allergy

Do you often wake up tired even after you’ve slept a full eight hours? You might have a condition called sleep apnea. If so, it’s essential that you address it now, starting with sleep apnea testing with the team at Pinnacle Allergy in Marietta, GA.

Why Do I Wake Tired After Sleeping All Night?

Everyone can experience sleep problems from time to time – often due to sickness, stress, exhaustion, and similar issues. Some people, though, have trouble quite often. As they sleep, their breathing stops continually. It makes them snore and be tired the next day, even if they slept a full night’s sleep. That’s because when they’re breathing stops, they are partially awakened – even if they don’t remember it – meaning that they are not actually getting a full night’s sleep. This is a condition called sleep apnea.

Unfortunately, sleep apnea can cause more than trouble getting enough sleep. It can also cause problems like heart trouble, diabetes, and high blood pressure if it’s not addressed.

Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Apnea

The first step in treating sleep apnea begins with a proper diagnosis, which requires sleep apnea testing. There are two different sleep apnea evaluations that can be completed: a polysomnogram (PSG) and a home sleep test (HST).

A polysomnogram is conducted in a laboratory under the eye of a specialist, during which your body functions are monitored with machinery. This includes functions like your blood oxygen levels, brain activity, airflow and breathing patterns, heart rate, and even your muscle activity. This information helps them determine how often and why your sleep is disturbed.

A home sleep test is similar, but it’s conducted at home and without the careful eye of a specialist. Instead, you’ll typically wear a smaller device that will record some of your body’s functions while you sleep, but not as many. It monitors blood oxygen levels, airflow, snoring, and breathing effort.

In some cases, a home sleep test can be used first, as this will typically give your physician the information they need. If it does not, a polysomnogram is needed. Your physician at Pinnacle Allergy in Marietta, GA can determine which type of sleep apnea testing you need and work with you to develop the best treatment plan.

If you’re waking up more tired than you were when you went to sleep or your loved ones tell you that you snore all of the time, don’t ignore it. Schedule an appointment with Pinnacle Allergy in Marietta, GA to discuss sleep apnea testing by calling (404) 260-5366.