Respiratory Testing For Patients

What is “Respiratory Pathogen Testing

RPP is a qualitative test that will identify DNA from respiratory viruses and bacteria extracted from nasopharyngeal swabs from individuals with clinical signs and symptoms of a respiratory tract infection. This panel employs PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology which is used to “amplify” small quantities of nucleic acid into detectable levels which leads to accurate results.

Benefits to the Patient

  • Fast, Accurate, Actionable results within 1 hour
  • Reduces patient visits
  • Timely treatment
  • Reduced treatment failure
  • Lower cost of care


How is the test performed?

Nasopharyngeal swab

Is the test covered by insurance?

The test are covered by Medicare and Medicaid
Commercial plans will vary
Real time insurance verification software determines coverage- As a mitigation tool

How long does it take to get test results?

Results can be generated within one hour

What resources does Med Services provide?
  • CLIA filing
  • Securing a medical director
  • Onsite molectular technologist
  • Validation of equipment
  • Billing support
  • Supply management

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